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Matt Naylor


Matt Naylor is a composer, producer and entrepreneur who has written over 1200 songs and has achieved thousands of placements including tracks in Marvel’s Spider Man (Video game), Love Craft Country (HBO), Explorer (Nat Geo), Lincoln (Steven Spielberg), Django Unchained, Monday Night Football (ESPN), Carbonaro Effect (TruTV) just to name a few. He co-managed the Custom Music department at APM Music for 8 years overseeing and contributing to the creative process, ensuring production quality and high level compositions securing up to $1M per year in revenue for the division and company. Matt is now a part of a thriving composer team called “The Soundlings” that have recently been featured in projects for HBO, EA Games and HULU with many more on the horizon!


Sonny Rey


Sonny Rey is a Composer, producer and vocalist who was introduced to the music industry very early in life. At age 12, Sonny toured Japan playing keyboards for prominent Japanese artist, Mimi. Soon after, Sonny landed his first placement in Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101. He co-wrote the theme song for America’s Next Top Model at 17. Since then, His placements include Shazaam! (Warner Bros.), Lovecraft Country (HBO), Modern Family (ABC), Explorer (NatGeo)and hundreds more including the score for The latest 3 seasons of The Carbonaro Effect (TruTV). Sonny is now part of the prolific composer team “The Soundlings” and recently, absolutely crushed the OST for EA’s Knockout City. Seriously, it’s AMAZING!

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